# Infrastructure

Every project needs some amount of infrastructure to run. Documented below is the infrastructure Tomatenquark relies on:

Service Description Hosted at Managed by Renew date Cost
Domain The tomatenquark.org domain GoDaddy Fohlen 23.02.2021 12,05€ / year
E-Mail info at tomatenquark org G-Mail Fohlen - free
E-Mail Forwarding - ImprovMX (opens new window) Fohlen - free
Pads Collaborative writing HackMD Fohlen - free
GitHub Code, issues, CI, CD GitHub Fohlen - free
Website The tomatenquark.org website GitHub Community - free
Master server Master at master.tomatenquark.org Hetzner Fohlen monthly 2,96€/month
Tracker Tracker at tracker.tomatenquark.org OVH Origin ? ?
Discord Community chat Discord Fohlen - free
Apple membership Necessary to sign executables on OSX Apple Fohlen 13.03.2021 99$/year
Total cost 146.57€/year