# Used licenses

It's goal is to create a free and libre version of the game that can be freely distributed.

# data

File Author License
.cfg - ZLIB
guioverlay.png, guiskin.png, guislider.png Markus "makkE" Bekel CC BY-SA 4.0
data/background_detail.png, data/background_decal.png, data/background.png, data/logo.png, data/icon.png The Inexor Team CC BY-SA 4.0
data/*.png The Tomatenquark Team CC BY-SA 4.0

# packages

File Author License
base - See map.cfg for licenses
blendbrush The Inexor Team CC BY-SA 4.0
caustics Calinou CC0
crosshairs The Inexor Team CC BY-SA 4.0
fonts Tavmjong Bah Public domain
hud Lee Salzman, Salatiel, Alexander "pix" Willing ZLIB, CC BY-SA 4.0
icons Alexander "pix" Willing, wohSiesta, Salatiel, icons8.com CC BY-SA 4.0, Free and commercial use with attribution
models/ammo wohSiesta CC0
models/armor - GNU GPL 2
models/barreldebris Salatiel CC BY-SA 4.0
models/boost Markus Druffel CC BY-SA 4.0
models/debris Salatiel CC BY-SA 4.0
models/flags Markus Druffel CC BY-SA 4.0
models/gibs Salatiel CC BY-SA 4.0
models/health Markus Druffel CC BY-SA 4.0
models/hudgun Geartrooper CC BY-NC 3.0
models/mrfixit Geartrooper CC BY-NC
models/projectiles Markus Druffel CC BY-SA 4.0
models/quad Salatiel CC BY-SA 4.0
models/snoutx10k John 'geartrooper' Siar CC BY 3.0
models/switch1 Kurtis Kesler CC AT-NC-SA
models/vwep Geartrooper CC BY-NC-SA
models/mapmodels/dcp Wouter van Oordmerssen aka Aardappel Public domain
models/mapmodels/makke Markus Druffel CC BY-SA 4.0
models/mapmodels/mitaman MitaMAN (Mike Poeschl) Public domain
models/mapmodels/nieb Nieb CC0
models/mapmodels/objects - CC BY-SA 4.0
models/mapmodels/ow wohSiesta Public domain
models/mapmodels/psionic Psionic Public domain
models/mapmodels/sitters W. Sitters CC BY 3.0
models/mapmodels/svarog Svarog CC BY-SA 4.0
models/mapmodels/xeno Xeno Public domain
models/skull Jean Ayers CC BY-SA 3.0
particles/qreeves Quinton Reeves CC BY-SA 3.0
particles - CC BY-SA 4.0, public domain
sounds/ambience - CC BY-SA
sounds/ecrivain Écrivain CC0
sounds/jerimee Jerimee CC BY 3.0
sounds/jdagenet jdagenet CC BY 3.0
sounds/lordkv lukv CC BY-SA 4.0
sounds/music/kai_engel Kai Engel CC BY and CC BY-NC
sounds/ogrobastard Ogrobastard CC BY-SA 4.0
sounds/ouwlish Ouwlish Media CC 0
sounds/qubodup qubodup CC BY-SA 4.0
sounds/q009 Q009 CC BY-SA 4.0
sounds/red_eclipse Red Eclipse Team CC BY-SA 4.0
skyboxes/cruz cruZ CC BY-SA 3.0
skyboxes/djtex Djakk Public domain
skyboxes/lordkv lukv CC BY-SA 3.0
skyboxes/penguins SkiingPenguins CC BY-SA 3.0
texture - CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)
textures/aard Aardappel Public domain
textures/fohlen Fohlen CC BY-SA 4.0
textures/golgotha The Golgotha project Public domain
textures/loopix Loopix-Project Free and commercial use
textures/lunaran Matt "Lunaran" Breit Non-commercial use and do not distribute via CD
textures/nieb Nieb CC0
textures/ow wohSiesta CC BY-SA 4.0
textures/painkillah PainKillAH CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5
textures/philipk Philip Klevestav Public domain, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
textures/salatiel Salatiel CC BY-SA 4.0
textures/siesta wohSiesta CC BY-SA 4.0
textures/tech1soc Sock MIT license
textures/terrain_soc Simon 'Sock' O'Callaghan CC by-nc-sa
textures/tomek Tomek Creative Commons Attribution
textures/trak5 Georges 'TRaK' Grondin MIT license
textures/yves_allaire Yves Allaire Public domain