# Mapping standards

If you would like to submit your map for inclusion in the game please make sure it ticks off the following list:

  • [ ] mapname in lower case
  • [ ] maptitle with author’s name
  • [ ] mapname.txt file with additional credits and license
  • [ ] fully lit & calclighted map (no fullbright maps)
  • [ ] no more than about 200 wtr (polygons) (for performance)
  • [ ] team and ffa spawns for all maps except duel maps (duel maps dont need ctf spawns)
  • [ ] bot paths (.wpt waypoint file)
  • [ ] a square map thumbnail/loading pic (.jpg)

# Content packaging structure (ZIP)

The benefit of compressing your content into a .zip file is that users can simply place it on the Tomatenquark home folder and apply it ingame using the addzip command, without having to extract it. For this system to work correctly, it is necessary that the author (you) organize the content in their respective folders. You don't need to include all the content that already exists in Tomatenquark in your compressed file, only the new ones added by you and with appropriate licenses, follow this structure below:

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change by the Tomatenquark team.